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Jungle Reef Adventures

Jungle Reef Adventures, located at the world famous Anse Chastanet Resort, offers world class adventure sport experiences for scuba, snorkeling, biking and ocean kayaking. For each activity, participants are required to make their own way to our location in Soufriere on the island’s southwest coast. While in our area consider visiting some of Saint Lucia’s most popular attractions including the famous Diamond Falls & Botanical Gardens and the Sulphur Springs volcano. All activities are priced on an a la carte basis. Lunch is also available at either of our two beach restaurants.

Jungle Reef Adventures is the umbrella name for the day trip sports activities and services operated by Anse Chastanet Resort and its diving operation Scuba St.Lucia. Jungle Reef Adventures operates from the Anse Mamin Beach and its adjacent 400 acre coastal jungle that features lush tropical vegetation and a wealth of ruins from an 18th century plantation. Jungle Reef Adventures is committed to provide the finest St. Lucia day excursion experiences available to all who come to our beautiful Caribbean island. Please also take a look at our St. Lucia luxury day excursions which have limited availability and are offered in combination with Jungle Reef's parent companies, St. Lucia's famous Anse Chastanet and Jade Mountain Resorts.

Email us at junglereef@ansechastanet.com for more information or to book your Jungle Reef Adventure.

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